Modern and Contemporary

Vivian Crockett

The Skin of All: The Racial Politics of an Anthropophagic Return in Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Pape

Adviser: Kellie Jones
  • In progress
  • Columbia University

Isabela Muci Barradas

The Polyphonic Forest: Photographing the Amazon, 1970-1989

Advisers: Anne McCauley and Irene Small
  • In progress
  • Princeton University

Paulina Pardo

New Media Art Strategies and Female Identity in the Artistic Practice of Letícia Parente (Brazil, 1930-1991)

Adviser: Jennifer Josten
  • In progress
  • University of Pittsburgh

Modern and Contemporary

#Gender Studies

William Schwaller

A Transnational Arte de Sistemas: The Centro de Arte y Comunicación in Argentina and Abroad, 1968-1983

Adviser: Mariola Alvarez
  • In progress
  • Temple University

Jacqueline Witkowski

Disappearing Threads: Art, Text, and Textile during Dictatorship in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile

Adviser: T'ai Smith
  • In progress
  • University of British Columbia

Modern and Contemporary

#Material Culture

Elisa Germán

The Creative ‘State’: The Calcografía Nacional and its Impact on Printmaking in Madrid after the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1959

Adviser: Gregory Williams
  • In progress
  • Boston University

Annemarie Iker

Secrecy in the Art of Santiago Rusiñol and the Catalan Modernistes

Adviser: Bridget Alsdorf
  • In progress
  • Princeton University

Adrienne Rooney

An Entire People’s Discourse: Redefining Aesthetic Standards, Tastes, and Circuits in the 20th Century Circum-Caribbean

Adviser: Fabiola López-Durán
  • In progress
  • Rice University

Madeline Turner

From the Kitchen to the Theater: Women’s Collaborative Artist’s Books, Exhibitions, and Performance in Mexico City, c. 1980-89

Adviser: Edward Sullivan
  • In progress
  • New York University, Institute of Fine Arts

Jez Flores García

Camp as a Weapon: Chicano Identity and Asco’s Aesthetics of Resistance

Adviser: Julia Bryan-Wilson
  • In progress
  • UC Berkeley