SIGA briefs

4/20/2023 People

Stella Nair awarded National Humanities Center Fellowship

Stella Nair (UCLA) has been appointed a fellow of the National Humanities Center for 2023–24.

4/18/2023 People

Olga Bush delivers Madīnat al-Zahrā lecture

Olga Bush (Vassar College) has delivered a lecture, titled, “Madīnat al-Zahrā’: The Ecology and Landscape Architecture of the caliphal city,” in the Department of Art at Columbia University.

4/15/2023 People

Angel Jiang curates Tradition and Transformation exhibition

Angel Jiang, Curator of Collections & Study Room Initiatives at the University of New Mexico Art Museum, has curated Tradition and Transformation: Colonial New Spain and Contemporary Hispanic America at the UNM Art Museum (March 30-September 30). This permanent collection exhibition features historic colonial Spanish paintings, retablos, and bultos alongside prints and photographs by contemporary Hispanic artists who preserve and transform this tradition in modern mediums.

3/23/2023 People

María Lumbreras awarded Getty/ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowship

María Lumbreras has been awarded a 2023 Getty/ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowship in the History of Art to support work on her book manuscript The Facture of Evidence: Replication and the Past in Early Modern Iberia.

2/18/2023 People

Olga Bush appointed Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks

Olga Bush (Vassar College) was appointed a Fellow in Garden and Landscape Studies at Dumbarton Oaks for the 2023-2024 academic year to support research on her project titled “Extraction and Construction: The Ecology and Landscape Architecture of Madīnat al-Zahrā’ (Córdoba) in the Pan-Mediterranean Medieval Context” that forms a part of her monograph in progress at the intersection of environmental studies and medieval Muslim visual culture.

2/17/2023 People

Annemarie Jordan Gschwend granted Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Lisbon

Annemarie Jordan Gschwend has been granted a Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Lisbon for her work, publications, and research in promoting Portuguese art, culture, and history for 40 years.

2/16/2023 People

Edward J. Sullivan honored at CAA's Distinguished Scholar Session

Edward J. Sullivan was chosen as the focus of this year’s Distinguished Scholar Session at the 111th CAA Annual Conference for his transformative work in the field of art history, especially in relation to the study and elevation of Latin American and Caribbean, Latina/o/x art and artists, and for the advancement of women and the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities in these regions.

2/13/2023 People

Amanda Dotseth named Director of the Meadows Museum

SMU has named Amanda W. Dotseth Linda P. and William A. Custard Director of the Meadows Museum. Dotseth, who will be the first female director of the Meadows Museum, served as the director ad interim and curator of the Museum since the passing of its previous director, Mark A. Roglán, in 2021. Dotseth assumes the role March 1, 2023.