America in the Center: The Circulation of Images in the Iberian World

  • Oct 16, 2023Oct 20, 2023
  • Online


The Seamless Robe of Christ, Ledesma (New Spain, México), 1768. Oil on canvas, 95 x 64 cm. Museo Amparo, Puebla, Mexico.

This five-day major international seminar addresses the circulation of images in the early modern Iberian world, with a focus on re-centering America and prioritizing non-canonical objects.

This international conference will focus on American art as well as art in America, keeping the continent at its center. It will explore the circulation of images not only traveling from Europe to America, but also the creation of centers in the American territory itself from which ideas, processes, images, and materials were disseminated. It will pay close attention to the forms in which artistic and aesthetic processes were also seen under American parameters, or rather the mechanisms by means of which theoretical concepts and European images were adapted for American realities.

Moreover, the conference will explore how America, or its geographies, were the center of the attention, desire, rivalry, and control of European audiences. Special attention will be paid to works that contravene, question, or disregard the canon, in favor of aesthetic dissent.

The conference is coordinated by Pablo Amador Marrero and Paula Mues Orts and is organized by the CIRIMA project (Circulación de la imagen en la geografía artística del mundo hispánico en la Edad Moderna).

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