Conference on Decolonial Dialogues

  • Deadline: Jul 8, 2022
  • York, UK

The University of York invites abstracts for its upcoming conference Decolonial Dialogues from, within and beyond the Global Margins, which will take place October 5-7, 2022.

During the eventful recent years, the discussion about postcolonialism has turned to the idea of decolonisation, a notion that involves many and different expressions as there are of colonisation itself. Diverse cultures and peoples are facing diverse experiences of decolonisation, whether as former colonies, former colonisers, and the persisting lasting effects, systems, and traditions that linger from a past that many times doesn’t feel like a past at all. For this, this year’s conference is centered around Decolonial Dialogues from within and beyond the Global Margins.

The legacy of colonial empires is still present on different levels and in daily dynamics of accumulation, separation, oppression, linearity, extraction and more. This means that the end of the colonies did not imply the end of coloniality. The colonial system and its embedded logics of modernity and Western thought have reproduced dynamics and epistemic violence, outlining and influencing the ways we perceive the world. Within this frame, Ventana 4 calls for papers and workshops that question, unsettle, delink, rethink or disobey colonial ideologies. This is an invitation to encounter and link dialogues that emerge and discuss the different decolonial perspectives from and with the margins.

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