To fulfill the society’s mission to promote and disseminate scholarship on global Iberian art in the United States, SIGA offers three prizes that celebrate excellence in the field: The Eleanor Tufts Award, The Jonathan Brown Award and The Gridley McKim-Smith Award.

The Eleanor Tufts Award

Named for the distinguished feminist art historian and professor at Southern Methodist University, Eleanor Tufts (1927–1991), this award recognizes an outstanding English-language book in the fields of Spanish or Portuguese art and architectural history.

The Jonathan Brown Award

Named for the renowned scholar, professor, and curator Jonathan Brown (1939–2022), this award recognizes exceptional achievement in an exhibition catalogue dedicated to an Iberian or global Iberian theme.

The Gridley McKim-Smith Award

Named for the art historian and professor Gridley McKim-Smith (1943–2013), this award acknowledges a superior peer-reviewed English-language article, essay, or book chapter on any aspect of Iberian or global Iberian art or architectural history by a young scholar.