SIGA briefs

Amanda Wunder: Spanish Fashion in the Age of Velázquez

Publication 2/18/2024

Amanda Wunder has published Spanish Fashion in the Age of Velázquez: A Tailor at the Court of Philip IV (Yale University Press, 2024). The book will be available in the U.S. on March 26th. Yale University Press is offering a 30% discount on orders placed via their website: enter code SFAOV when checking out. The book has been simultaneously released in Spanish as La moda española en la época de Velázquez: Un sastre en la corte de Felipe IV (Ediciones El Viso, 2023).

Orlando Hernández Ying appointed curator at NOMA

People 2/9/2024

Orlando Hernández Ying has been appointed as Curator of Arts of the Americas at the New Museum of Art.

Carmen Ripollés: Forjando una identidad

Publication 2/5/2024

Carmen Ripollés has published the article “Forjando una identidad: Autoimagen y Conciencia Artística en los primeros grabados de Josefa de Óbidos.” Anuario del Departamento de Historia y Teoría del Arte, 35 (2023): 65-88.

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The Givers of Things: Tlamacazqueh and the Art of Religious Making in the Mexica and Early Transatlantic Worlds

By Anthony Meyer, UCLA, 2023

Facing Pilgrimage: Tenon Head Sculptures at the Ceremonial Center of Chavín de Huántar, Peru

By Patricia Lagarde, Tulane University, 2022

Artifex. Architectural Reasoning, Drawing and Rhetoric in the Oeuvre of Friar Juan Ricci de Guevara (1600-1681)

By Martijn van Beek, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2021

Images of the Immaculate Conception and the Rhetorics of Purity in Golden Age Spain

By Rebecca Teresi, Johns Hopkins University, 2021

Francisco de Zurbarán and his Workshop’s Painting Production for the Americas: Trade, Collections and Reception

By Akemi Luisa Herráez Vossbrink, University of Cambridge, 2021

Fertile Terrain: Botany, Art, and Power in Cuba’s Nineteenth Century

By Emily Sessions, Yale University, 2020

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