SIGA briefs

10/9/2023 Publication

Olga Bush: The Textility of the Alhambra

Olga Bush has published “The Textility of the Alhambra,” in Didem Ekici, Patricia Blessing and Basile C. Baudez (eds.), Textile in Architecture. From the Middle Ages to Modernism (New York: Routledge, 2023), 138-155.

9/5/2023 People

Jesús Escobar named Center for Spain in America Fellow

Jesús Escobar is the Center for Spain in America Fellow at The Clark Art Institute for Fall 2023. His research will be focused on “Architecture and Experience in the Seventeenth-Century World.”

8/31/2023 Publication

Cloe Cavero de Carondelet: A Copperplate of the Dominican Martyrs of Japan

Cloe Cavero de Carondelet has published “A Copperplate of the Dominican Martyrs of Japan Reused by Murillo” in Print Quarterly, vol. XL, no. 3 (2023), 251-264, an article that places this little-known image as part of the global missionary aspirations of the Dominican order.

7/10/2023 People

Anthony Meyer appointed Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks

Anthony Meyer has been appointed a Fellow in Pre-Columbian Studies at Dumbarton Oaks Research Library & Collection for 2023-24.

7/10/2023 Publication

Anthony Meyer: Stony Bundles and Precious Wrappings

Anthony Meyer has published the chapter “Stony Bundles and Precious Wrappings: The Making of Patio Crosses in Sixteenth-Century New Spain” as part of the edited volume Conversion Machines in Early Modern Europe: Apparatus, Artifice, Body (June 2023).

6/26/2023 Publication

Jeremy Roe translates Eduardo Manzano Moreno

Jeremy Roe’s translation of Eduardo Manzano Moreno,The Court of the Caliphate of al-Andalus: Four Years in Umayyad Córdoba, has recently been published by Edinburgh Univeristy Press. Originally published in Spanish, this book draws on a rich range of sources to provide a fascinating social-historical analysis of diverse aspects of Umayyad Córdoba, including art, architecture, and visual and material culture more broadly.

6/15/2023 Publication

Adam Jasienski: Praying to Portraits

Adam Jasienski has published Praying to Portraits: Audience, Identity, and the Inquisition in the Early Modern Hispanic World with Penn State University Press.

5/31/2023 People

Laura Fernández-González awarded Society of Antiquaries Grant

Laura Fernández-González (University of Lincoln, UK) has been awarded a research grant by the Society of Antiquaries–London for her Emilio Harth-Terré project (1899-1983). Harth-Terré was a prominent Peruvian architect, critic, and art and architectural historian, whose contribution to the development of a Peruvian artistic and architectural identity was monumental in his period. For this pilot project, Laura will explore Harth-Terré’s collection of drawings, plans, photographs, and correspondence kept in the Library at the University of Lima and the Latin American Library at Tulane University.