The Gridley McKim-Smith Award

Awarded biannually beginning in 2024, the Gridley McKim-Smith Award acknowledges a superior peer-reviewed English-language article, essay, or book chapter on any aspect of Iberian or global Iberian art or architectural history. The essay must be written by an emerging scholar: an individual who is not more than thirty-five years old or who has received the doctorate not more than five years before acceptance of the text for publication. The award is named for the art historian and professor Gridley McKim-Smith (1943–2013) in recognition of her tireless support of young scholars in the field.

2025 award

The Award Committee of the Society for Iberian Global Art (SIGA) invites nominations for the Gridley McKim-Smith Award.

Additional criteria

  • Submissions must be in English; translations of essays into English are eligible.
  • Submissions that feature innovative or interdisciplinary approaches are especially encouraged.
  • The essay must have appeared during the two calendar years preceding the award year. Thus, publications that appeared in 2022 and 2023 are eligible for the 2024 award.
  • Essays may be by a single author or written by two or more authors, provided that each of the authors is not more than thirty-five years old and/or has not received the doctorate more than five years before acceptance of the text for publication.
  • Submissions should include information on eligibility, indicating the age of the author and/or the date of the author’s Ph.D.


The deadline for receipt of essays will be announced in fall 2024.


The essays should be sent directly to the committee members; please direct questions, including requests for the names and mailing/e-mail addresses of committee members, to [email protected].


The committee’s decision will be announced at the SIGA business meeting during the College Art Association Annual Conference.

Authors do not need to be active members of SIGA for consideration. Authors may not submit the same material for more than one award category; for example, if an essay from an exhibition catalogue is submitted for the Gridley McKim-Smith Award, the catalogue itself may not be submitted for the Jonathan Brown Award or vice versa. It is the responsibility of the author to determine which category best fits the submission.