The Legacy of Vesuvius: Bourbon Discoveries on the Bay of Naples

Exhibition Dallas, TX

This exhibition looks at the groundbreaking archaeological excavations sponsored by the Bourbon King Charles VII of Naples – the future king of Spain – and his wife, Maria Amalia, and continued by his son and successor Ferdinand IV.

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61st Edition of the Boletín del Museo del Prado

Publication Online

The Boletín del Museo del Prado, a double-blind peer-reviewed and open-access scientific journal that is published annually, invites authors to submit papers for its 61st edition (2025).

The Art of Embroidery: History, Tradition, and New Horizons

Conference Lorca, Spain

This conference aims to provide a platform for presenting and discussing the latest research findings on the history of embroidery in its broadest dimension, without prioritizing specific cultural, artistic, or chronological areas, but encompassing all aspects that such an ancient art as embroidery entails.

ALAA Open Session for Emerging Scholars

Conference New York, NY

The Association for Latin American Art is now accepting proposals for the 2025 ALAA Open Session for Emerging Scholars panel at CAA.

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