DEAI Statement

SIGA stands by 1) its commitment to the values of equity, inclusion, and diversity and 2) cultivating a culture of care, collaboration, and community for all scholars of Iberian global art and architecture regardless of individual identity or background.

Our organization acknowledges that the Eurocentric focus of academic and collecting institutions has been complicit in creating and perpetuating bias. As part of its mission, SIGA is engaged in scholarly communication and dialogue that contributes to the ongoing work of undoing discriminatory systems based on race, gender, sexuality, class, and disability — both in our organization and the field of art history at large.

SIGA recognizes that part of its mission entails supporting inclusivity, equality, and justice through pedagogy, scholarship, and public engagement with art.


  • SIGA promotes a global and encompassing understanding of Iberian art, which includes Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Asia, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific contexts.

  • SIGA supports our membership’s diverse personal and professional backgrounds representing students and professionals in higher education, museums, galleries, the art market, journalism, publishing, development, professional organizations, libraries, and consulting, among other related occupations.

  • SIGA acts as a venue for the open exchange of ideas and supports scholarly inquiry and research.

  • SIGA sustains the growth of scholarship through awards and conference opportunities.

  • SIGA upholds organizational and operational transparency in communicating with membership via its website, social media platforms, monthly newsletter, and additional membership communications.