Modern and Contemporary

Gonzalo Luis Pinlla

Public Aesthetics and Collective Studio Practices in South America 1960s–1980

Adviser: Oscar Vázquez
  • In progress
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Antonio Sanchez Gomez

Diógenes A. Reyes’s Silhouette Biography: Print Culture and the Politics of Technology, Distance, Mediation, and Things Left Unsaid in the Transregional and Transnational History of the Colombian Caribbean (1898-1920)

Adviser: Catherine Whalen
  • In progress
  • Bard Graduate Center

Modern and Contemporary

#Works on Paper

Luisa Valle

The Beehive, the Favela, the Mangrove, and the Castle: Race and Modern Architecture in Rio de Janeiro, 1885 to 1945

Adviser: Marta Gutman
  • In progress
  • City University of New York

Modern and Contemporary

#Race Studies#Architecture

Gwen Unger

Other Selves: Critical Self-Portraiture in Cuba during the ‘Special Period in time of Peace,’ 1989-1999

Advisers: Alexander Alberro
  • In progress
  • Columbia University

Benjamin Murphy

Fieldwork: Problems of Observation in Latin American Video

Adviser: Irene Small
  • In progress
  • Princeton University

Maeve Coudrelle

The Imprint of Pan-Americanism: Chilean Graphic Biennials, 1963-1970

Adviser: Mariola Alvarez
  • In progress
  • Temple University

Nicholas Fitch

Non hanno capito niente’: Figuration and Narrative in the Post-1968 Work of Clorindo Testa

Advisers: Branden Joseph
  • In progress
  • Columbia University