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Tatiane Schilaro Santa Rosa

The Undoing of Celebrations: Art and the Myth of Racial Democracy in Brazil

Adviser: Julie González
  • In progress
  • UC Santa Cruz

María-Laura Steverlynck

The School of the South Experiment: The Pedagogy and Legacy of a New World Modernism

Adviser: Anna Indych-Lopez
  • In progress
  • City University of New York

Rebecca Ben

The Arrival of the Leonardeschi in Valencia

Adviser: Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann
  • In progress
  • Princeton University

José Candelaria

Transculturation and the Cathedral: Late Gothic in Late Medieval Seville (1401-1516)

Adviser: Linda Neagley
  • In progress
  • Rice University



Hugo Plazas

The Image of Racialized Groups in Nineteenth-Century Colombian Costumbrista Painting

Adviser: M. Elizabeth Boone
  • In progress
  • University of Alberta

18th / 19th Centuries

#Race Studies#Painting#South American#Ideology and Politics

Nausheen Hoosein

From Umayyad Madinat al-Zahra to Almohad Seville: The Reuse of Architectural Spolia in al-Andalus during the 12th century

Adviser: Richard McClary
  • In progress
  • University of York


#Architecture#Islamic Art and Architecture#Material Culture

Francisco José Sánchez Bernal

La cultura cinematográfica del exilio republicano a través de sus publicaciones (The Cinematographic Culture of the Republican Exile through its Publications)

Advisers: Miguel Cabañas Bravo and Joaquín Cánovas Belchí
  • In progress
  • Universidad de Murcia

Louisa M. Raitt

The Frontiers of Femininity: Self-Fashioning in Female Portraiture in Viceregal New Spain, 1665-1821

Adviser: Edward Sullivan
  • In progress
  • New York University, Institute of Fine Arts

Early Modern 18th / 19th Centuries

#Race Studies#Gender Studies#Colonial and Viceregal#Portraiture

Jacqueline Edwards

Painting Saints and Men: Art and Dress in El Greco’s Toledo, 1577-1614

Advisers: Amanda Wunder
  • In progress
  • City University of New York

Early Modern

#Material Culture#Painting#Portraiture

Shannah Rose

The Codex Ríos and the Reception of Mesoamerican Pictography in Early Modern Italy

Advisers: Alexander Nagel
  • In progress
  • New York University, Institute of Fine Arts

Early Modern

#Artistic Practice#Colonial and Viceregal#Works on Paper

Alba Menéndez Pereda

Making and Experiencing Inca Sacredness: The Architecture of the Coricancha from the Inca Empire to the Viceroyalty of Peru

Adviser: Stella Nair
  • In progress
  • University of California, Los Angeles

Ancient / Late Antique

#Ancient Americas#Architecture#Archaeology#Religion#Material Culture#South American

Drew Erin Becker Lash

Painting Spanish Faith: Intertextuality in Old Testament Images in Seventeenth-Century Spain and New Spain

Adviser: Charlene Villaseñor Black
  • In progress
  • UCLA

Early Modern