SIGA briefs

2/17/2023 People

Annemarie Jordan Gschwend granted Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Lisbon

Annemarie Jordan Gschwend has been granted a Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Lisbon for her work, publications, and research in promoting Portuguese art, culture, and history for 40 years.

2/16/2023 People

Edward J. Sullivan honored at CAA's Distinguished Scholar Session

Edward J. Sullivan was chosen as the focus of this year’s Distinguished Scholar Session at the 111th CAA Annual Conference for his transformative work in the field of art history, especially in relation to the study and elevation of Latin American and Caribbean, Latina/o/x art and artists, and for the advancement of women and the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities in these regions.

2/16/2023 Publication

Carmen Ripollés: Flores (y frutos) de otros mundos

Carmen Ripollés has published a thematic itinerary about the collections of the Banco de España entitled “Flores (y frutos) de otros mundos.”

2/16/2023 Publication

Jesse Locker: La suavidad de Artemisa

Jesse Locker has recently published “’La suavidad de Artemisa’: reflexiones sobre la recepción de Artemisia Gentileschi en EspañaBoletín del Museo del Prado 58 (Fall 2022). An English translation of the article text, without illustrations, is accessible here.

2/14/2023 Publication

Tara Zanardi: Between Art and Nature

Tara Zanardi has published “Between Art and Nature: The Dauphin’s Treasure at the Royal Cabinet of Natural History in Madrid,” in Material Cultures of the Global Eighteenth Century: Art, Mobility, and Change, eds. Wendy Bellion and Kristel Smentek (Bloomsbury Press, 2023).

2/13/2023 People

Amanda Dotseth named Director of the Meadows Museum

SMU has named Amanda W. Dotseth Linda P. and William A. Custard Director of the Meadows Museum. Dotseth, who will be the first female director of the Meadows Museum, served as the director ad interim and curator of the Museum since the passing of its previous director, Mark A. Roglán, in 2021. Dotseth assumes the role March 1, 2023.

2/7/2023 Publication

Felipe Pereda: Fernando Zóbel

Felipe Pereda has published Zóbel Reads Lorca: Poetry, Painting, and Perlimplín in Love (Swan Isle Press: 2022) in conjunction with the exhibition he curated at the Prado, Zóbel. The Future of the Past (2022-2023). The book presents Fernando Zóbel’s illustrated and previously unpublished translation of García Lorca’s “Don Perlimplín in Love,” along with three studies by Christopher Maurer, Luis Fernández-Cifuentes, and Felipe Pereda, covering the early years of Zobel in Cambridge (1946-50), his discovery of modern and ancient art and literature, and the state of Hispanism at Harvard in the 1940s.

1/1/2023 Publication

M. Cruz de Carlos: Reginalidad y retrato & Luisa Roldán

María Cruz de Carlos has published “Reginalidad y retrato en las cortes de Felipe III y Felipe IV” in Anima. Pintar el rostro y el alma (Valencia: Ediciones Trea-Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, 2022), pp. 213-66 as well as “Luisa Roldán ‘escultora eminente’. Identidad y autoconstrucción artística en la corte hispánica de la Edad Moderna,” in José Riello y Fernando Marías (eds.), Antes y después de Antonio Palomino. Historiografía artística e identidad nacional (Madrid: Abada, 2022), 389-409.